The Wang Lab is a biomedical research laboratory at the University of Texas at Austin established in January of 2021 and led by Dr. Huiliang (Evan) Wang. The primary research topics of our lab are the development of nanomaterials, electronics, and genetic approaches in neural interfacing, for both neuroscience research and clinical diseases.

News and Highlights

Postdoctoral Fellow Wenliang Wang is a DBS Think Tank Rising Star Junior Investigator Challenge Finalist!


Dr. Huiliang (Evan) Wang wins the Young Investigator Award


Our PI, Dr. Evan Wang, has won the Young Investigator Award from the Gene Delivery and Gene Editing Focus Group at the Controlled Release Society (CRS) 2023 Annual Meeting. Congratulations, Dr. Wang!

Undergraduate student Thomas Wynn has been awarded Patricia L. Johnston Student Research Scholarship!


Our undergraduate student, Thomas Wynn, has received the Patricia L. Johnston Biological Sciences Student Research Scholarship to continue his research project in our lab! Congratulations, Thomas!

PhD graduate student Brinkley Artman has been awarded NSF GRFP Fellowship!


Biomedical engineering PhD graduate student Brinkley Artman receives the 2023 National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellowships Program (GRFP) Fellowship. Each fellowship provides tuition support and annual stipends for three years. Congratulations, Brinkley!

We received Alzheimer's Association Research Grant!


The grant was awarded to develop wearable electronics for Alzheimer’s disease. Thanks Alzheimer’s Association for the support!

Stable Electrodes for Long-Term, Wearable Brain-Machine Interface


UT Austin Engineering news reported our recent work on “A highly stable electrode with low electrode-skin impedance for wearable brain-computer interface”. Thanks Dr. Jose Millan’s lab and Dr. Yaoyao Jia’s lab at UT ECE for the collaborations. 

Postdoctoral Fellow Jinmo Jeong was awarded Human Frontier Science Program Fellowship


Our Postdoctoral Fellow Jinmo Jeong receives the prestigious 3-year Cross-Disciplinary Fellowships from Human Frontier Science Program (HFSP). Congratulations, Jinmo!

We received NIH R35 MIRA!


We are very grateful for receiving the R35 Maximizing Investigators’ Research Award (MIRA) from NIH National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS)!


Undergraduate student Christian Gabbert was awarded Hispanic Scholarship Fund


Our BME undergraduate student Christian Gabbert receives the Hispanic Scholarship Fund (HSF) for his second time. HSF provides students of Hispanic heritage with financial aid, mentorship, and internship/career opportunities. Check out the organization here:   

We received Crag Neilson Foundation Grant!


The grant will enable us to collaborate with Linda Noble’s lab at Dell Medical School to work on Spinal Cord Injury. Thanks Crag Neilson Foundation for this generous support!


Undergraduate student Michael Solomon awarded a summer scholarship


Our neuroscience undergraduate student Michael Solomon receives UT College of Natural Sciences scholarship for continuing his research in our lab during summer 2022. Congratulations, Michael!

PhD graduate student Aaron Tasset awarded NDSEG Fellowship


Biomedical engineering PhD graduate student Aaron Tasset receives the 2022 National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate (NDSEG) Fellowship Award. Each fellowship provides tuition support and annual stipends for three years. Congratulations, Aaron!

Our first review paper was published in Nanoscale


Our first review paper, “Overcoming barriers in non-viral gene delivery for neurological applications”, has been published in Nanoscale. Thank you to PhD candidate Diedra Ward and Dr. Nicholas Peppas for their collaboration on this publication. 

We hosted Dr. John Rogers at UT


The Wang Lab hosted Dr. John Rogers during his visit to UT where he gave a talk on the recent progress in soft, wireless wearables for health monitoring and rehabilitation. 

We received ADPA Research Grant!


The grant was awarded to develop sono-optogenetics for Parkinson’s disease treatment. Thanks, ADPA, for this support!

We received Welsh Foundation Grant


We have got the first grant for the lab. Thanks Welch Foundation for the generous support!

Our lab started at UT Austin from 2021!


Our lab started at UT Austin BME. We are located at the UT Austin BME building.

Recent Publications

Ultrasound-Triggered In Situ Photon Emission for Noninvasive Optogenetics                                                                                         W. Wang, X. Wu, K.W.K. Tang, I. Pyatnitskiy, R. Taniguchi, P. Lin,  R. Zhou, S.L.C. Capocyan, G.Hong* and H. Wang*Journal of the American Chemical Society (2023)

A highly stable electrode with low electrode-skin impedance for wearable brain-computer interface                                                 J.-C. Hsieh, H. Alawieh, Y. Li, F. Iwane, L. Zhao, R. Anderson, S. I. Abdullah, K.W.K. Tang, W. Wang, I. Pyatnitskiy, Y. Jia, J. Millan,   H. Wang*, Biosensors and Bioelectronics (2022)

Ultrasound triggered organic mechanoluminescence materials (Invited Review)
W. Wang, A. Tasset, I. Pyatnitskiy, H.G. Mohamed, R. Taniguchi, R. Zhou, M. Rana, P. Lin, S.L.C. Capocyan, A. Bellamkonda, W.C. Sanders, H. Wang*, Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews, p.114343 (2022)

Design of hydrogel-based wearable EEG electrodes for medical applications (Invited Review)
J.-C. Hsieh, Y. Li, H. Wang, M. Perz, Q. Tang, K.W.K. Tang, I. Pyatnitskiy, R. Reyes, H. Ding, H. Wang*, Journal of Materials Chemistry B (2022)

Overcoming barriers in non-viral gene delivery for neurological applications (Invited Review)
A. Tasset, A. Bellamkonda, W. Wang, I. Pyatnitskiy, D. Ward, N. Peppas, H.Wang*, Nanoscale, 14, 10 3698-3719 (2022)

How is flexible electronics advancing neuroscience research?
Y.Chen, N.J. Rommelfanger, A.I. Mahdi, X.Wu, S.Keene, A.Obaid. A.Salleo, H.Wang*, G.Hong*, Biomaterials, 268, 120559 (2021)

Sono-optogenetics: a circulation delivered rechargeable light source for minimally invasive optogenetics
X. Wu, X. Zhu, P. Chong, J. Liu, L. N. Andre, K. S. Ong, K. Brinson Jr., A. I. Mahdi, J. Li, L. Fenno, H. Wang* and G. Hong*, PNAS, 116 (52), 26332-26342, (2019) 

Next-generation probes, particles, and proteins for neural interfacing.
J. Rivnay, H. Wang, L. Fenno, K. Deisseroth, G. G. MalliarasScience Advances, 3, e1601649 (2017)