Principle Investigator

Dr. Huiliang (Evan) Wang

Assistant Professor

Dr. Wang obtained his undergraduate degree in Materials Science from the University of Oxford and Ph.D. degree in Materials Science and Engineering at Stanford University. During his graduate studies with Professor Zhenan Bao, he worked on nanomaterials and polymers for flexible/wearable electronics. After his Ph.D. studies, he started his postdoctoral work with Professor Karl Deisseroth at Stanford Bioengineering, developing nanomaterial-based technologies for targeted modulation of neural activity. Dr. Wang has received several awards and fellowships including the Materials Research Society (MRS) Gold Graduate Student Award, NIH F32 NRSA Postdoctoral Fellowship and NIH K01 Mentored Research Scientist Development Award. Dr. Wang’s research focuses on the development of new tools to modulate and record neural activity from targeted neuronal populations using minimally-invasive methods