Ph.D. Graduate Students

Aaron Tasset

Year to join Lab: Jan, 2021

Undergrad: University of Miami, Biomedical Engineering

Research Interest: Gene Delivery, Nanoparticle Synthesis

Outside Interest: Running, Working out, Video games

Ju-Chun (Leon) Hsieh  

Year to join Lab: Jan, 2021

Undergrad: National Cheng Kung University, Photonics

Masters: National Chiao Tung University, Electro-Optical Engineering

Research Interest: Wearable EEG Device Development

Outside Interest: Gym, Basketball, Hiking
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Kevin Tang 

Year to join Lab: Aug, 2021

Undergrad: University of British Columbia, Electrical Eng.

Masters: University College London, Rehabilitation Eng. and Assistive Technologies

Research Interest: Prosthetic Design & Control,  Neural interfaces, Neural dynamics

Outside Interest: Music, Cooking, Basketball, Video games
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Xi (Chloe) Shi 

Year to join Lab: April, 2022

Undergrad: Lanzhou University, Biotechnology

Research Interest: Gene and mRNA therapy

Outside Interest: Hiking, Swimming, Bouldering, Party
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Anakaren Romero

Year to join Lab: Aug, 2022

Undergrad: University of Arizona, Biomedical Engineering

Research Interest: Sono-optogenetics, Medical Imaging

Outside Interest: Yoga, Hiking, Reading

Xiangping Liu  

Year to join Lab: Aug, 2022

Undergrad: Jilin University, Chemistry

Research Interest: Sono=optogenetics, Nanotechnology

Outside Interest: Movie, Badminton, Hiking
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Brinkley Artman 

Year to join Lab: Jan, 2023

Undergrad: North Carolina State University, Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) and Genetics

Research Interest: Sono=genetics, Nanotechnology, and Neural engineering

Outside Interest: The arts, Travelling, Cooking/Eating good food
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